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Picture of Len

Picture of Len

Below, facing wildlife for the first time.
(Upstate NY, 1990)



About Me


I worked 7 years as a medical librarian at Georgetown Univ. Would you like to learn about about DNA & protein databases?? Here is my genetics webliography that I worked on during my 7 years in the field. Now I work at a law library at Catholic University, managing their computers and web site.


I love to write, and back in 90's I had a short story published in the Washington Post. It was a funny story about a Web treasure hunt that we did for the medical students at Georgetown. But the best thing I have written is a story about my dad (below), who was a WW II vet.


In 2004, I got a story published in the Op-Ed page of the Allentown Morning Call. It was about my 91 year old neighbor, Frank, who lived an amazing life. I enjoyed listening to him talking about NYC in the 1920's and what life was like growing up during the Depression.


While I have lived in DC since 1991, I have moved away twice: once in the late 90's to spend a few months with my ailing dad, and again from 2003-2005 when I worked in Allentown PA. So I can not seem to escape DC no matter how hard I try.


I play basketball every Sunday, with a great group of friends. We have been playing together for over 10 years, here is a map to our court.


Here are some panoramic views I took with my camera.



Valerie, a good friend from DC (Summer 2000)
Picture of Len


Brian Skornick (below), an ex-roomate who I have
known since '92. Showing his true feelings about cats!



Friends & Family....

  • Mom has her BA, MA, and almost a PhD in European History. Everyone says I look just like her (it's the smile).
  • Erwin B. Davidson (1922 - 1998) WW II veteran and loving dad. He grew up in Brooklyn, and worked as an artist and a draftsman. This picture of the 2 of us was taken in 1985.
  • Leonard M. Weinstein May 15, 1925 - December 13, 1944
    My dads brother, my namesake. He is buried in a military cemetery in Belgium.
  • Ethan Starr a fellow librarian. His home page is an excellent source of search engines, library web sites, and University directories. He is also an expert on genealogical research. Check out his site www.bibliomaven.com



A Tribute to my Dad

Published in April 1999. Click on it to see the complete text.

My favorite picture of mom & dad (1985)
Picture of Len